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We develop innovative lubricants and complementary additive packages that extend service life of equipment by at least 300%, reducing downtime on maintenance and repairs by up to 60%, considerably increasing productivity and profitability, while maximizing fuel and oil economy.

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We save you, not just hundreds, but thousands of Rupees by using Polytron.
We are sole importer and supplier of scientifically-superior Polytron lubrication products in India. Developed & manufactured in the USA, Polytron is one of the best lubricants in the world that protects metal parts by acting on metal surface by forming a protective coating which minimizes the friction. The proprietary lubrication technology transforms a metal surface to a highly polished surface that is resistant to general wear, pressure and high temperatures.
Polytron Technology: Advanced & Superior Lubrication & Protection
Polytron products are developed and continuously improved through rigorous R&D by leading lubrication scientists from the USA. Using an advanced molecular engineering technology, Polytron has succeeded in development of a pioneering class of lubricant enhancers that forms a strong bond with metal surface under heat & friction. With zero PTFE, Teflon, Molybdenum, ceramic or chemical coating. Polytron products are completely safe and promise better results than any other lubrication product in the market.
Polytron is a proprietary lubrication technology that reduces friction to increase fuel efficiency and performance. We brought the technology from the USA for the benefit of Indian consumers.
Using advanced molecular engineering, Polytron products create a strong bond that protects the engine and moving parts from friction and boosts the performance significantly.
Low Maintenance Cost
Polytron products are being used worldwide by automotive / Industrial / Shipping / Mining etc sector to reduce maintenance and operational costs by up to 60%.
Advanced Tech
Polytron products protect surfaces from wear and tear due to friction and make them temperature and pressure resistant boosting the performance of engine even in the worst conditions.

Why Choose Polytron

Works Every Time

  • Eliminate wear and extend service life of engines and equipment by 600% to 900%
  • Extend oil change intervals 300% to 600%
  • Reduce maintenance expenses by up to 60%
  • Reduce downtime by up to 90%
  • Make injectors and fuel pumps last 100% longer
  • Reduce exhaust pollutants 40% to 60%
  • Keep engine completely clean from any carbon deposits
  • Make engine run cooler

…In Every Mechanism

In every industry there is equipment that requires lubrication. From engines, to compressors, pumps, conveyor systems, electrical generators, air conditioning systems, and other mechanisms. Polytron products can be used in all mechanisms with the same extraordinary results.  Polytron products can be used in all mechanisms with the same extraordinary results.


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What Our Customers Say

Polytron MTC Slashes Kiln Supported Gear Box Temperature On Instant Application For A Cement Plant
In the panic situation, we asked Polytron team to come up for the application as our machine is tripping because of temperature. We were at the stage where we lost 50% of our production. We were amazed to see the Polytron MTC result, temperature gradually decreased and set to the normal temperature again. Now our all machines are Polytron Treated. We are grateful for this advanced technology and strongly recommend the use.
Mr. N. K Sharma-G.M (Mech) – Gujarat Sidhee Cement Ltd. Read more
Polytron MTC Boost The Mileage, Performance, Slashes Running Cost Of A Truck Fleet
Polytron gave us many tangible and non-tangible benefits, Mr Mayank said. We first took the trial on 50 trucks and happy to see the on-paper result. Those 50 trucks are saving approx. 12% fuel and driver noted smoother drive, increased pickup and no technical halt on long route. We extended the application in all our truck aiming assets saving. Thanks to Polytron for the wonderful product.
Mr. Mayank (Director)- Best Roadways Limited Read more
Polytron will significantly extend the life of your equipment and dramatically reduce operational costs and downtime.