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Automotive sector includes passenger cars, vans, SUVs, pick-up trucks,light and heavy-duty trucks, buses, etc…

Polytron Lubrication Technology: Extends service life of engines, transmissions, and differentials
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High-displacement marine engines and gearboxes run cooler and with NO carbon deposits while reducing pollutant exhaust by 40%, saving on air quality and venting costs. Fuel efficiency improves and time between oil changes increases 300-600%. Downtime and parts replacement costs go down. Electric motor bearings, transmission and differentials run cooler, safer
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Polytron Grease and penetrating lubricants are perfect for contact areas between wheel flanges and tracks using automatic rail curve lubricators, as well as all sliding and rubbing surfaces. Engines add power with Polytron TMC that keeps fuel injectors and pumps clean in both low- and high-sulfur diesel fuel, reducing smoke and pollutants by up to 50%. Save fuel and extend the...
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Reduce fuel consumption and exhaust pollutants while keeping engines temperatures cool and injectors and fuel pumps carbon-free. Meets Cincinnati Milacron specs for way lubricants in many types of machine tools, including those with high loads, and as an additive to metalworking oils.
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Recommended for Caterpillar and Allison transmissions and as a tractor hydraulic fluid additive for John Deere, Ford New Holland, Case and more. Keeps injectors and fuel pumps clean, extending life and reducing fuel use. Grease and lubricants are perfect for electric motor bearings, all ball and U joints, roller bearings on tracked vehicles (Caterpillar, Navistar recommended) and .
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In construction and infrastructure projects the time schedule is everything. Any delays in schedule may end up in big losses and penalties due to defaulting on a contract, since these are usually heavily financed by banks. So, any project has to be performed on time like a clock without fail, and minimizing downtime, due to equipment maintenance and breakdown, is...
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Operation of mining and other types of equipment in a mining environment is very challenging, due to harsh working conditions of dust, mud, moisture, sometimes heat, floods, very high loads, etc.
With Polytron Lubrication Technology and with the support of our technical team
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Oil and Gas
Oil wells drilling sites, especially offshore, are completely isolated, where the very expensive operating equipment has to be super reliable and dependable because any downtime and equipment replacement are very costly. From high powered drilling engines to the electrical generators that keep everything running. That’s where Polytron Lubrication Technology...
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With Polytron Lubrication Technology, service life of engines driving military equipment (in trucks, armored vehicles, armored tanks, etc.) maybe extended by 300% to 600%. Equipment operates much more reliably even in the harshest operating conditions of heat, moisture, dust and dirt, resulting in much less downtime avoiding disruptions...
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Polytron will significantly extend the life of your equipment and dramatically reduce operational costs and downtime.