Customer Feedback:

“I myself was a doubtful when I heard about Polytron, but much to my amazement what they said turned out to be true. That is a rare occurrence when so many are selling products that absolutely do not work.”

V. H. King Vice President and CEO - Electric Steel Castings Company

“The Polytron Metal Treatment helps break the cycle of heat, friction and wear and in turn is a great preventative maintenance program. Thank you Polytron!"

Tom Moody Dragline Operator

“With Polytron our trawler's operation has gone to fourteen-day trip with the same amount of fuel (used to be a 10 day trip). That's an amazing 40% improvement!”

Bruce Messrs & Ian Harris Trawler “C-Girl” Owners

“According to our most conservative estimate, over 30,000 hours that the generator was in operation, at least US$150,000 was saved on repairs, fuel and oil consumption.”

Mining Quarry Maintenance Manager Mining Quarry Maintenance Manager

“We have consistently received similar results on all the generators and decided to extend the oil change intervals 4 times over to 1,000 hours instead of every 250 hours. Although the test results indicated that we could extend them safely to every 1,750 hours!"

Asphalt Production Facility

“Before Polytron was introduced to us we had to "grease" our heavy duty equipment once a week. Now with Polytron EP-2 Grease we are able to safely to extend that interval to every four (4) weeks. “

Mining Quarry Maintenance Manager


I had treated my Lancer car which was 2000 Model having driven 170000 Km with Polytron MTC and Found dramatic improvements both in engine performance plus mileage , I had parallel conducted the Emission test and the hydrocarbon reduced by 90%. IN other words my smoking issue nearly disappeared. thanks to Polytron India... PATEL JAY

I have used this product on my 500 cc Enfield n hv seen better engine performance with better mileage too. Also have used in my Hyundai Elantra n got same results... SUHAIL DESAI

Hi , Its good product, I used in my nissan sunny diesel car. Its giving result. Better performance, mailage and RPM... RAMA KRISHNA

I heard about this product and have used in my new Wagonar Car and am amassed to see the performance of the car also it increased the average of the car i am very much thank full to the product... SHELLY TIBAK